Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union

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Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union Empty Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union

Post  Janosch on Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:08 am

Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union:

We, the Constitutive Members of the Illyriad Trade Union:

The Free Trade Guild and The Old Republic,


  1. Establishment
    1. The Illyriad Trade Union is a trade union of independent cities and alliances, hereby established in accordance with the provisions of this Treaty.

  2. Objectives
    1. The objectives of the Illyriad Trade Union is to:
      1. Create a market to enhance fair trade and cooperation between its members; and
      2. Enforce binding treaties that are concluded on the provided trade platform.

    2. The virtual trade platform is administered by the Republic Trade Company, and is bound to implement the administrative directives of the Trade Council.

  3. The Trade Assembly
    1. All Union Members (registered players) are members of the Trade Assembly.
    2. Registration is open to all not previously expelled players of Illyriad and executed after a formal verification of the Republic Trade Company.
    3. All Union Members are liable to fulfil the results of legal binding contracts negotiated on the trade platform.
    4. All Union Members have the right to:
      1. Freely and fairly negotiate binding trade contracts on the provided platform;
      2. Petition to the Trade Council; and
      3. Object to the Trade Court, if a binding trade contract is not fulfilled or enforced.

    5. The Trade Assembly may elect, with a confidential vote, as managed by the Elector General of the Old Republic, the Mediators as members of the Trade Court, for a period of two month.

  4. The Trade Council
    1. All institutional members (alliances) are eligible to delegate one Trade Representative as member of the Trade Council.
    2. All institutional members, as represented by the Trade Representatives, are bound to:
      1. Enforce decisions of the Trade Court; and
      2. Compensate Union Members if the enforcement is not possible.

    3. The Trade Council, within a minimum voting period of one week, has the right to:
      1. Change this Treaty, with a two-thirds majority vote;
      2. Exclude Union Member, with a simple majority vote, or Instituitonal Members, with a two-thirds majority vote, which have committed serious grievances against the Trade Union;
      3. Pass administrative directives to guide the Republic Trade Company and the Trade Court;
      4. Expel members of the Trade Court that are prejudiced or not sufficiently qualified, with a two-thirds majority vote; and
      5. Decide on the affiliation of new Institutional Members.

  5. The Trade Court
    1. The Trade Court consists of three Mediators and is obligated to initiate investigations, if any Union Member objects according to 3. d. 3.
    2. During such investigations of a not fulfilled or enforced trade contract, evidence must be presented by both parties and a verdict must specify whether the contract has been fulfilled.
    3. The responsible Mediator must not be in the same alliances as any of the involved parties, nor a member of the Trade Council.
    4. The involved parties have the right to appeal against the verdict to the Trade Council that must decide, whether to annul the verdict and return the case to another mediator, or dismiss the appeal.


Done at Dornenwald, 1st of Februrary 2012.

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