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Welcome to the Illyriad Trade Union Empty Welcome to the Illyriad Trade Union

Post  Janosch on Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:17 am

Welcome to the Illyriad Trade Union 523pxwappen_kreis_nordfriesland_svg1-261x300

The crest of the Illyriad Trade Union

Welcome to the Illyriad Trade Union

Introduction: What is the Illyriad Trade Union?
The aim of the Illyirad Trade Union (ITU) is to create an additional trade platform and connect different alliances and players. Alliances can become an Institutional Members. Players can become an Union Members. After the foundation of the ITU one of the most spectacular festivities Illyriad ever saw has been celebrated. There have been days of celebrations including a huge tournament, bewitching magic-elf-music, freaking intoxicants of the surrounding jungles, ten enormous roasted elephants on pikes, fried giant spider eggs, troll soup, gently roasted goblin drumsticks and crispy giant beetle babies to amuse all the participating lords. We are sorry that all dwarfs that tasted the fried giant spider eggs became sick and ensure that we were not aware that they are slightly poisonous for dwarfs. The Old Republic is planning to intensify relations with other alliances by forming other Unions (see here). There will be even more spectacular events when the defence union will be formed. All questions you might have now should be answered in this and the following post. If your questions are not answered you may contact Janosch in-game.

How does the Illyriad Trade Union work?
Basically it is as simple as it can be. All member alliances (Institutional Members) send one player to the Trade Council. The Trade Council makes all important decisions. All member players (Union Members) are members of the Trade Assembly that has some limited rights (eg. elect the Mediators) and serves as general debate platform. The Mediators (judges) are elected by the Trade Assembly. The Trade Council also has a lot of influence on the Trade Court. If treaties are not fulfilled Union Members can go to the Trade Court and the Trade Council must enforce or compensate based on the decision of the Magistrate. The Republic Trading Company is a role play element that manages the forum (but has to take orders from the Trade Council). The rights of Institutional and Union Members are specified in the “Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union”. I provide more information here to explain how things work.

What are the benefits of the Trade Union?
The Idea is to create a trade platform to enhance trade and friendly relations among alliances and players. A lot of benefits of this union will be relevant only if T2 and pathfinding is implemented. Other benefits will evolve later (e.g. some members are thinking about the foundation of a bank). The Trade Assembly shall serve as forum for players and networking. It is also possible to trade things you could not trade in Illyriad until now, like information, diplomatic or military operations, magic, credits, good settlement locations or whatever you can think about. It is also possible to negotiate long term trade contracts (trade a certain amount of clay/food every week). What else?

How does trading work?
See rules and a brief explanation here.

Can I join? How do I join?
Yes! Click on the link, if you want to know how to join either as Institutional Member (alliances) or Union Member (players). Everybody is very welcome to participate!

Some other helpful links:
Introduction of member alliances.
Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union.

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