How do we attract more members?

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How do we attract more members?

Post  Janosch on Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:07 pm

The Trade Council (TC) aims to make this trade platform more attractive. Therefore, various proposals shall be discussed and finally a declaration of intention will be passed by the TC.

Declaration of Intention (first proposal)
The Illyriad Trade Union (ITU) is not too attractive at the moment, since the trade mechanism of Illyriad does not benefit external markets. A change of this game mechanism is expected with the further implementation of T2. The infrastructure of the ITU shall be established now and when T2 will be implemented the ITU will be a highly attractive service for its members. The ITU will implement some arrangements to make this platform more attractive:

  • Organise the first Trade Tournament of Illyriad.
  • Institutional Members shall activate their members to publish attractive offers to Union Members.
  • Institutional Members shall invite friends and allies to join the ITU.
  • Special deals of Institutional and Union Members shall be mainly negotiated in the ITU.
  • Offer a welcome gift to small members that join as Union Members.
  • Offer special prices and free support to “small” Union Members (newbies).
  • Offer other forms of attractive contracts, e.g. long term contracts.
  • Invite alliances that are willing to offer mercenary, diplomatic and magic services.
  • ...

What other possibilities are there? We could make it cheap and easy to join now (for institutional members) but more expensive as soon as T2 is established. Eventually the treaty must be simplified.

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Re: How do we attract more members?

Post  Naxos FTG on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:19 am

Don't be shy to post a new thread, remember you can post anything you want to talk about in the forum, be it trade based or something just for fun Smile

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