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A Misunderstanding Empty A Misunderstanding

Post  soldja on Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:46 am

a few hours ago there was a misunderstanding between myself and another alliance that could have ended badly. the conflict was on my alt profile a person attacked me and stole some of my hard earned resources. instead of me asking the TOR leaders i attacked back and then asked what i should do. the leader of the alliance of the person that hit me asked if there was a problem and asked why did i attack their newbie and i replied that they attacked me first and that i never had any intention on attacking anybody. so the leader replenished all of the resources and i ensured him that it would never do it again and if it happens to me again that i will contact him. after that i got a verbal warning that i reacted too quickly and that i should have contacted TOR leaders and took a different step to not have a conflict of that sort and i have learned my lesson and will follow the direction of my leaders because i am also a newbie and need to learn much more.


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