The procedure

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The procedure

Post  Janosch on Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:20 pm

Here you can make suggestions concerning the procedure.

The procedure:

I. The Executive Council of the Old Republic will propose a treaty to create the Illyriad Trade Union.
II. There will be a period of debate.
III. Depending on the number of negotiators there will be votes on the amendments to change the proposal.
IV. Eventually we will have a final poll to accept the proposal.

The updated proposal for a treaty will allways be presented here.

Each participant may discuss and suggest changes of the proposal by:
1. Opening a new discussion threat in the treaty forum (see example).
2. Discussing the suggested changes (amendment) of the proposed treaty in the discussion threat.
3. After debate, post a amendment here with a precise proposal what to change where.
4. I will start a poll in a new threat that will be linked to the discussion threat. (You can also start a poll yourselves but should post it here)

If the change has been accepted I will update the latest version of the treaty.

Here you can make suggestions concerning the procedure.

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