Petition To Join: Tir na nÓg (TIR)

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Petition To Join: Tir na nÓg (TIR)

Post  Llyr on Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:41 am

Tir na nÓg (TIR) would like to join as an institutional member. The alliance currently consists only of Llyr (alliance leader and my main account) and Diarmuid (my alt account). The Llyr account (currently an individual member) would serve as the TIR representative. Although I'm not actively recruiting new members, I will probably do so later on; new members would be those interested primarily in the trading and crafting aspects of the game. Both accounts are currently based in Ragallon, with Traders at Centrum and (soon) Tundale. Future Traders will be placed in Nessim and Mataba.

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