The Constitution of the Elgean Republic

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The Constitution of the Elgean Republic

Post  Janosch on Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:17 am

Covenant of the Elgean Republic

  1. Establishment

    1. The Elgean Republic is a defensive and trade confederation of self-governed and independent cities and territories, hereby established in accordance with the provisions of this Covenant.

    2. The principles of the Elgean Republic and all actions based on this treaty shall be mutual defence, democracy, solidarity and the sovereignty of its Members.

  2. Political Structure

    1. The Senate of the Republic

      1. The Senate is the parliament of the Elgean Republic;

      2. Exclusively the Senate, unless specified elsewhere, may come to decisions that:
        1. Change the Codex of the Elgean Republic;
        2. Reform this Covenant, with the agreement of two-thirds of cast votes, and within a minimum voting period of one week;
        3. Remove any official of the Elgean Republic from office; and
        4. Exile a Senator, with the exception of inactive Senators.

      3. The Senate may elect, as managed by the Elector General:
        1. The two Consuls and the President of the Senate for a maximum of two terms in a row of a period of two months each; and
        2. The Magistrates for a period of three months.

    2. The Executive Council

      1. The Executive Council is the government of the Elgean Republic;

      2. The Executive Council must govern the Elgean Republic:
        1. To secure the interest of its Members;
        2. According to the Covenant, Codex, decisions of the Senate and the Magistrates; and
        3. Transparent by making essential decisions public in the forum.

      3. The two Consuls chair the Executive Council and govern the Elgean Republic; and

      4. The President of the Senate chairs the Senate and controls the Consuls.

    3. The Magistrates

      1. The Magistrates are the judges of the Elgean Republic;

      2. A Trial can be accepted by a Magistrate, if initiated by a Member against any individual action of another Member or against decisions of the Senate, the Executive Council, a TOR alliance, a TOR associated alliance or a guild;

      3. The decision of the Magistrate must establish the consistency of that action or decision with the Covenant, Codex, principals and established practises of the Elgean Republic, the rules of the guild, Republic Alliance, Associated Republic Alliance and the fair play of Illyriad, must include a sufficient explanation and must be executed by Executive Council or the respective alliance leadership;

      4. The trail must be fair and parties must be allowed to respond to presented evidence; and

      5. Members have the right to appeal against a decision or the punishment to the Senate, which acts as a Supreme Court.

  3. Supplement

    1. State of Mutual Defense

      1. The Elgean Republic must declare the State of Mutual Defense when the cities, territories, trade routes or sovereignty of a Member or member alliance is seriously threatened due to any unprovoked or disproportional action of a third party. It can also be declared if a confederated alliance sends a request for aid; and

      2. If the state of Mutual Defense is declared all members of a member alliance must support and defend the interests and freedom of the Republic, its Members, member alliances and confederated alliances and follow orders of the Consuls and the Praetor of War.

    2. Membership

      1. All in-game members of a Republic Alliance, or players that have been accepted based on a decision of the Executive Council, are Members of the Elgean Republic;

      2. All Members that are registered in the forum bear the title Senator and are members of the Senate;

      3. Senators can be excluded by the Executive Council, if they are not a member of a member alliance;

      4. Members and member alliances of the Elgean Republic have the responsibility to:
        1. Follow the Covenant and Codex of the Elgean Republic;
        2. Support decisions of the Senate, the Magistrates and the Executive Council, and
        3. Proudly fly the banner of the Elgean Republic on their profile page.

      5. Member alliances must be explicitly recognized in the Covenant of the Elgean Republic;

      6. The following alliances are member alliances:
        1. The in-game alliance "The Old Republic [TOR]", with id is a Republic Alliance and organised in the Executive Council.
        2. The in-game alliance "TOR University [TOR-U]" with id is a Republic Associated Alliance.


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