Trade hub development campaign in Taomist / Laoshin : Zhuhai

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Trade hub development campaign in Taomist / Laoshin : Zhuhai

Post  Yeesha on Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:15 am

Greetings, ... Laoshin and Taomist neighbours, and all other elegian chandlers

I want to share an idea of a project with you...

It's about trying to envive the "Zhuhai Faction & Trade hub" as it is a nearby hub, with a good (neutral) faction standing for every race.

My vision is to develop a local market on the one hand for us Laoshin and Taomist people, on the other for all other Elegian merchants, that would like to have more blooming trade hubs.

Maybe, you want to join that idea and send traders and offers yourself, or other mates from your ally or around. At the beginning I do not expect it to be a real place for big deals, but it could be once, the more traders follow and compete. Maybe it will be a personal tip for a while...

The idea is to decentralize the market, which is mainly happening in Middle Kingdom, and to bring it to other places, as in the long run competition is enviving the trade. Instead of whining about fragmented markets, lesser margin and upcoming updates like reduced market visibility we should try to shape the market, as we want it.

I decided to orientate at the Centrum prices, slightly higher, as I want to encourage people to bid or to undercut. Maybe, you want to give it a try, too. Spread the idea, if you like it. Dispatch traders, set offers, and send the whole range of goods, you hard worked for to gather, trade or craft ...

Which could be the benefits of a decentralized market and an eastern trade hub:

+ products can be stored and stockpiled easily and nearby
+ by accepting trade offers you assure a quick delivery
+ caravans aren't ages away from home to deliver goods
+ from monopoly to oligopol as a more vivid marketform (competition instead of accepting Centrum hub as a pricemaker for everything)
+ you make market occurence more attractive for smaller players, as they can join the market developments without having own traders
+ social platform in terms of allycrossing cooperation (what I wish, we would have much more)
+ shaping plurality in giving a local market an individual charakter (local products might be cheaper then in far away western border states and vice versa).
In other words: regional appearance of goods would get more important
+ being well prepared for coming updates like marketvisibility
+ being the base of possible future trade tournamants

So, give it a try ! Hope to see your ambitious merchants soon ...

Regards, Yeesha

Zhuhai (846 /229)

Interesting link as well, as Kilotov seized the idea:


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Re: Trade hub development campaign in Taomist / Laoshin : Zhuhai

Post  Janosch on Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:46 am

This is a very good idea. I have moved the topic to the trade assembly where it belongs.

I might likely come with some further hub suggestions. The Illyriad Trade Council (daction) might be interesting to establish a decentralised market:

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Re: Trade hub development campaign in Taomist / Laoshin : Zhuhai

Post  d3vaint on Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:29 pm

I'd just like to say this hub is amazing! I've made a good 80 million plus from it!

Well worth your while. It would be nice iof some of you southerners(or people in snow, fire) would join though so we could get a few more items!


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Re: Trade hub development campaign in Taomist / Laoshin : Zhuhai

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