Training Plan of TOR University

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Training Plan of TOR University

Post  Janosch on Thu May 17, 2012 2:59 am

The complete Traing Plan is only visibal for registered users!

Faculty of Management of Estates and Faculty of Law and Politics:


You start being a Plebeian (non-noble member of the Republic). You have to understand the basics of Illy and generate some growth before you are considered as a Patrician of the Old Republic. You will also need to demonstrate that you are active enough to communicate with us to properly start your education in the TOR University.

Poor Patrician/Rich Plebeian
The minimum wealth requirements before being considered rich enough to become a Patrician is a population of 300. You should think about joining another faculty and later a guild and you should decide whether you want to stay a member of the Old Republic. Your most important and difficult task will be to build your second city and decide if and where to relocate your capital. This tasks should not be taken lightly!

Student of Management of Estates
You are now considered large enough to join the University as student of the faculty of Management of Estates. You still need to grow a lot and there is much to learn about Illy. Use the help provided by your University and help other less experienced students.

Student of Law
When you have grown more and understand how the game of Illyriad works it is time to start your classes in the Faculty of Law and Politics. As a Patrician you have certain rights and obligations and it is important to know them to become an empowered member of the Old Republic. Therefore you will need to understand the Law of the Republic. At the same time you will need to continue learning about Management of Estates.

Student of Politics
You are a wealthy and fully recognised member of the Republic soon. Finally you should learn the arts of politics to participate in our Republic to represent the interests of your people. You are close to graduation! You should aim to become self-sufficient soon and settle your third town.

You are a young, rich and well educated Patrician now. The world of Illyriad and high positions in the Old Republic are open to you. You should consider to become a Senator and rise in the hierarchies of our political system. You can decide to stay a little longer in the Old Republic University, but should soon move to a sister alliance.

Academy of the Republic Legions:


A Recruit is trained to become a member of the Republic Legions. You still have to understand the basics of Illy before you can join the ranks of our glorious Army.

The Legionnaire is the normal soldier of the Republic Legions. When you are a Legionnaire you have to follow the commands of the military chain, if a crisis occurs or you decide to participate in a tournament or manoeuvre. You will still feel quite confused and need time to learn. Do not worry about military attacks. If there is a threat, it is likely thieves. It is unlikely useful to build military units.

The Decanus commands a contubernium (eight man tent party). You are in a phase to build your first troops now. Move out of your city and fight some giant rats, baboons or roaming trolls and other NPCs to get some experience with troops and level your commanders.

There is one Optio for each Centurion (a legion has 24 centurions divided in four cohorts), they are appointed by the centurion from within the ranks to act as his second in command. You start building up your first centurion.

The rank of centurion is an officer rank that included many grades, meaning centurions have very good prospects for promotion. There are a total of 24 centurions. The pilus prior centurion and the three pilus prior centurions are each followed by five lower rank centurions. Each centurion should be prepared to lead his centurion to battles or participate in tournaments and manoeuvres. You should also consider to siege your next town. This must be well prepared.

Centurion (pilus prior)
Within the second to fourth cohorts, the commander of each cohort's 1st century is known as a pilus prior and is in command of his entire respective cohort when in battle. A cohort has 750-3000 legionnaires. The pilus prior centurions were the senior centurions of the cohorts. While the legion was in battle formation, the pilus prior was given command of the entire cohort. You start to build up an entire cohort as pilius prior centurion. You are expected to help with your entire forces to defend the interest of the Republic.

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