How does the Trade Union Work?

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How does the Trade Union Work?

Post  Janosch on Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:44 am

The political system of the Illyriad Trade Union (see also the next post or the Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union for all details):

How does the Illyriad Trade Union work? Explanation and summary of the Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union:
Each alliance that joins as an Institutional Member and each individual player that joins as a Union Member have to accept the conditions of the “Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union”. While I recommend that alliances that plan to join the Illyriad Trade Union read the entire “Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union” (at least I would do so), I will give a brief introduction and summary here. However, there are no “hidden clauses” or something like that. In fact I would be stupid to include some kind of “unfair trick”, because:
  1. I am looking for good and fair long-term partners of the Old Republic.
  2. Participation is purely voluntary and it is always possible for alliances to leave again.
  3. It would be a possibility to call me to account for my actions in-game and for example siege my cities.

The below summary follows the structure of the “Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union”:
  • The lines about the “Establishment” and “Objectives” are rather formal and self-explanatory. The Republic Trade Company has purely admin duties. (2.b. is discussed here Does the Trade Union benefit the Old Republic?).

  • All registered players are Union Members and Members of the Trade Assembly. You may join as Union Member, if your alliance is not an Institutional Member. Also there is no obligation that all alliance members must join as Union Members, if your alliance is an Institutional Member.
    • Union Members may trade on the provided platform and has no duties, except to fulfil the negotiated trade contracts.
    • Union members have only a few rights. Apart from trading, they may petition to the Trade Council (if you have any suggestions/complaint) and object to the Trade Court (if a trade contract is not fulfilled).
    • All Union Members elect the Mediators (the members of the Trade Court).

  • All member alliances are Institutional Members and send one player (the Trade Representative) to the Trade Council. Therefore all alliances have the same weight in the Trade Council. The Trade Council has basically all powers:
    • Member alliances have two important obligations. That is the enforcement of trade contracts based on decisions of the Trade Court and the compensation of Union Members, if that is not possible.
    • The Trade Council may change the “Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union” and pass “administrative directives” (to guide the Republic Trade Company and the Trade Court).
    • Exclude Union Member or Instituitonal Members.
    • Expel members of the Trade Court.
    • Decide on the affiliation of new Institutional Members.

  • The Trade Court (the three Mediators are elected from the Assembly) only gets work, if a Union Member objects because a trade contract is not fulfilled. If any of the involved parties appeals against a verdict, the Trade Council must decide, whether to annul the verdict and return the case to another mediator, or dismiss the appeal.

Conclusion: All participating alliances have the same weight in the Trade Council. They send one Representative and all Representatives have the same rights. The Trade Council exercises all important powers of the Illyriad Trade Union. There are only very limited obligations that arise (enforcement and compensation). Therefore it is an absolutely fair organisation for your alliance to join.

For sceptical players: Does the Trade Union benefit the Old Republic?
No, it does not!


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