How to join as alliance/Institutional Member?

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How to join as alliance/Institutional Member?

Post  Janosch on Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:11 am

If you want to join as Institutional Member (alliances)
  1. The representative / alliance leader must register and become Union Member
  2. Petition to the Trade Council by posting with the title “Petition: XYZ-alliance wants to join” (or similar – do not forget that your alliance leaders must be willing to become an Institutional Member)
  3. You may additionally send an in-game mail to Janosch to speed up the process or if you get the impression that we have missed your petition (you can do that at any stage, if you think things move to slow)
  4. Monitor the initiation of the voting to accept you
  5. You should get an in-game mail after the voting period
  6. Finally you need to add the crest of the Illyriad Trade Union to your alliance profile and send an in-game mail to Janosch to tell him who will be representing your alliance in the Trade Council (she/he must be registered as Union Member and you can always appoint another player later by contacting Janosch)
  7. Janosch will finally validate if all this steps have been performed correctly
  8. Now you should introduce your alliance here and the appointed Trade Representative can participate in the Union Council


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