Trade Tournament

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Trade Tournament

Post  Janosch on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:03 am

I have just been elected Trade Representative of the Old Republic. I am happy to represent the Old Republic in the Trade Council. Naxos has suggested organising a competition among the members of the Illyriad Trade Union. This will be the first administrative directive of the Trade Council. In order to collect further ideas, the idea of a trade tournament will be primarily discussed in the Trade Assembly. I suggest making the competition in different categories. Possible categories are:

  • Invite the most players
    The Union Member that convinces the most other players to join the ITU wins
  • Sign the most trade contracts
    The Union Member that signs the most trade contracts wins.
  • Earn the most money
    The Union Member with the highest value of signed trade contracts wins.
  • Develop the most creative idea/business concept
    Found a bank or another company or post the most creative ways how to make business in the ITU in the Trade Assembly forum. Also other forms of creative ideas are welcome and will be taken into account. The Trade Council will elect the winner.

Rules & Conditions:
Participants must be Union members of the ITU. Members of the Trade Council will not participate.
I am willing to fund some money to pay a price to the winner. Further donations to increase the price are welcome.
The contest should run for one month.

Suggestions? Preferences? Additions?

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Re: Trade Tournament

Post  Naxos FTG on Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:05 pm

The winners of each competition will win............1 MILLION GOLD!!

That is right, the winner of each competition will receive one million gold

Naxos FTG

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