Does the Trade Union benefit the Old Republic?

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Does the Trade Union benefit the Old Republic?

Post  Janosch on Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:47 am

Does the Trade Union benefit the Old Republic?

The Treaty of the Illyriad Trade Union may appear as if it eventually benefits the Old Republic compared to other Institutional Members (member alliances). I do not think so, but will be happy to change things, if required. I will explain this carefully below. The impression might appear due to the following articles in the treaty:

  • The virtual trade platform is administered by the Republic Trade Company, and is bound to implement the administrative directives of the Trade Council.
  • Registration is open to all not previously expelled players of Illyriad and executed after a formal verification of the Republic Trade Company.
  • The Trade Assembly may elect, with a confidential vote, as managed by the Elector General of the Old Republic, the Mediators as members of the Trade Court, for a period of two month.

I clearly can reject this critique. Have a look at the rights of the Trade Council.

4.c. The Trade Council, within a minimum voting period of one week, has the right to:
  1. Change this Treaty, with a two-thirds majority vote;
  2. Exclude Union Member, with a simple majority vote, or Instituitonal Members, with a two-thirds majority vote, which have committed serious grievances against the Trade Union;
  3. Pass administrative directives to guide the Republic Trade Company and the Trade Court;
  4. Expel members of the Trade Court that are prejudiced or not sufficiently qualified, with a two-thirds majority vote; and
  5. Decide on the affiliation of new Institutional Members.

All important political rights are rights of the Trade Council except voting the Mediators (which is done by all Union Members). Each alliance has on vote in the Trade Council. The Old Republic will be easily outvoted and the treaty can be changed, if the Old Republic does not fulfil its administrative obligations properly or even tries to use this power to get an advantage. It would be possible to create new positions in order to fulfil the tasks.

The Illyriad Trade Company: The purpose of the ITC is to administer the forum. It is bound to follow administrative directives of the Trade Court. If any alliance wants the forum to be changed in a certain way or the forum admin to do something, you may suggest an administrative directive and I will do whatever is possible, if it is passed. The second important issue is that players must register using their in-game name. Verification is very important to avoid any form of fraud. Apart from that I am bound to accept all applicants unless they have been expelled preciously (by the Trade council). This is a purely administrative task. I was also creating it for role play reasons. Until know the company does not have any other use. I am also happy to accept new shareholders. However, forum admin is a sensitive issue. I am not the one that (in RL legal terms) “owns” this forum (that is Nilac of the Old Republic). It is a problem to “democratically” legitimate such a position. And it requires a very active player to quickly accept new aspirants. I am only the group moderator (see here). I think in this way it is organised in a transparent and fair way. I am open to other suggestions.

The Elector General of the Old Republic: Elections are also sensitive issues. It is also an administrative task. For simplicity I gave this task to the Elector General of the Old Republic. Otherwise we would require some kind of election rules, as some questions arise, if creating another office that is responsible for elections. In order to not further complicate the Treaty and not to create too many offices (the job of the mediator is much more important). The Elector General is bound to the election rules in the Old Republic. This guarantees a fair voting procedure that involves a minimum of additional work. Alternatively, members of the Trade Council are welcome to propose a change of the Treaty to create such a position. Additionally an administrative direction is necessary to clarify election rules. Do not forget that we also need a responsible person that is going to be a good Elector General of the Illyriad Trade Union. I am open to other suggestions.

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